Over Glam Rewards

Earn points and redeem special rewards


You earn Glam Points every time you make a purchase with your account.


You'll get 10 Glam Points for every £1 spent, 100 Glam Points when you join, 100 Glam Points every time you refer a friend and 200 Glam Points on your birthday.


Exchange your Glam Points for discounts, free shipping and special rewards.


Free Shipping: Free International or One Day UK Shipping.

Discounts: £5, £10 and £20 discount coupons.

Free Products: A surprise free product worth £27 or £39.

Over Glam Rewards

Become a Platinum Member

Reach 2500 lifetime Glam Points to unlock the best rewards!

Pink Member

Less than 500 lifetime Glam Points

10 points per £1 spent

Silver Member

More than 500 lifetime Glam Points

12 points per £1 spent

Gold Member

Less than 1500 lifetime Glam Points

15 points per £1 spent

Platinum Member

More than 2500 lifetime Glam Points

20 points per £1 spent