Pay it Forward


    This year we’re introducing PAY IT FORWARD, an initiative that will aim to offer resources to help individuals who’ve been struggling financially in taking care of their pets. The ‘Pay it forward’ fund will be created on the basis of helping each other. You’ll be able to receive free products from us as long as you pay it forward by giving back to those in need of help. A “pay it forward” fund will be created with the help of all your donations where 100% of the proceeds will go towards that individual. 

    We have heard and read of multiple heartbreaking conditions suffered by pets around the world. Many of us depend on animals for our wellbeing, yet unfortunately many lack access to funds and help due to high veterinary bills from terrible injuries or long term medical conditions or in other cases where people have adopted previously abused dogs in desperate need of some behavioral training, and we know the cost of these can be quite high. 

    At Over Glam, we want to help care for the pets of people in need, and so we created the #PayItForwardOG initiative; an unselfish effort to bring cheer to others through small acts of kindness.