Why You Should Insure Your Pet

by Héloïse Ferrie

When we care about something, we like to protect it. We put a safety case on our phone, put a lock on our door; we keep our most precious possessions safe, like we do for ourselves, to prevent from harm, or potential financial issues. And we should apply this to our pet as well. After all, if we insurance our house, and our health, why not our pets?

We often see pet insurance as an extra spending, which might not be useful if our pets are healthy, let us show you why you should insure your pet.

Putting your pet first

An obvious reason why you should get your pet an insurance is simple. If they’re a part of your family, and should be treated like show. Pets are often compared to children and for good reason! They are a considerable responsibility and when it comes to costs, the number can go high, when we want to offer them the best; but when it comes to the ones we care about, it shouldn’t have a price, or at least we should do everything to prevent costing them or us.

Peace of mind

Our pet’s lives are unpredictable, and as much as we all hope they’ll have a tranquil, healthy life, we cannot be certain this is what they’ll get. Luckily, pet insurances work exactly like the human ones: they exist to help you cover any essential health care needs you pet could need in the future. Pet care can be very expensive, even for the simplest procedures or visits to the vet, so saving money now will prevent you from worrying later, when you’ll have to take care of your sick animal and will have hundreds of other things to think about the cost of it all. Nothing is worth more than knowing that you can afford giving them the treatment they need, no matter the cost, don’t you agree?

A dog with an OverGlam jumper laying in a bed

It is mandatory to have a pet insurance in the UK?

It isn’t mandatory to get your pet insured, but it can only help you positively!

How much does it cost?

Prices can vary depending multiple factors:

  • The insurance company you select: there are different insurance companies, each focusing on different needs that you could have. Some will focus on multi-pet households, others will have better offers for single pet families.
  • Your pet’s species: while most insurances cover for “regular” pets like dogs, cats, rabbits and such; there might be an extra fee exotic animals, so it might be worth for you to check the terms and conditions.
  • Your pet’s breed: when it comes to breeds, insurances sometimes have a stricter policy. As you might know, some breeds come with pre-dispositioned illnesses and health difficulties, for instance pugs are prone to have eye problems, French bulldogs and Persian cats are known to have breathing issues, which means that some pet insurances might adjust their prices depending on those pre-existing conditions, or only cover for them partly.
  • Your pet’s age: it’s another factor which they will take into account as our pet’s health varies with their age.

Insuring your pet is insuring a safe future for them, and for you too!