Ultimate Essentials to Bring when Traveling with Your Dog

The first summer we welcomed our Muses in our family, we were researching and studying how to make their holidays as enjoyable for them as they would be for us. After two years of travelling, we compiled a list of the essentials to bring with us whenever we travel with our dogs.

Crates and comfy carriers

The first time we had a road trip with the Muses, we immediately realised that moving cars are a source of stress for them. We later learnt that putting them in their comfortable carriers would minimise their fear of travelling. Then, on arrival at our hotel on our first family trip, we would use their crates, with all their favourite throws and toys, to give them the sensation of a five-star hotel room.

Poop Bags

The easiest thing to take with you and the easiest to forget for first-time travellers, poop bags are essential for roadside stops and throughout any vacation. Poop and waste bags keep every place clean and help you and everyone else to enjoy the well-deserved holidays. And, for those who want that added stylish touch, we suggest storing those poop bags in one of our Leather Pockets, sleek and practical, for any kind of trip.

Favourite treats, food and water with collapsible bowls

We love spending our holidays in well-furnished hotels and resorts with delicious food. We love to try new dishes, but our Muses are creatures of habits. We, then, make sure to bring as many treats as possible, as well as their favourite food. They can’t go one day without their Lily's Kitchen Dog Treats Mighty Duck Mini Jerky, high-quality bites with natural ingredients.

Grooming supplies, towels and throws

Dinners out, events or just off the road walks need the right supplies to make our dogs always look great. And for dogs like our Mocha, who are playful and natural explorers, we suggest packing towels for those excursions in the woods. You never know when they will need a bath and dry. After their wash, they always look for their favourite throws to dry themselves, even more, so we highly advise not to forget them.

Vaccine records, First aid kit and medications

Right before our first international holiday, our veterinarian recommended that we include the dogs' records and some usual medications.
But what she emphasised most was to include a first aid kit for any possible injury.

Sturdy harnesses, collars, leads and name tag

Exploring new venues is one of our pooches' favourite pastimes. And their liveliness is on another level when they are on holiday with us. It might be the fact that they have us all to themselves for long days. This means having multiple leads and durable harnesses. Our signature Ribbon Leads and Harnesses are our Muses' favourite. For those off the leash walks, we recommend attaching a name tag with details in case you have highly-spirited pooches.

Lots of patience

We are talking to all the pet owners: travelling with pets is a great experience, we create lots of memories and some great pictures. However, it can be stressful, especially if you are new to this type of family trip. Therefore, we recommend arming yourself with lots of patience. Our pooches are experiencing something unexpected every time they join us on a new journey. Their behaviour may change in the first few hours or days. But, after getting used to the place, we are sure they will love the experience as much as we do.