New Entrepreneurs Can Use This Guide to Welcome a Pet

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Adopting a pet marks a major turning point in a person’s life, and when it comes at the same time as a new business venture, it brings a lot to plan for. Not only do you want to ensure that your business gets the attention it needs, it’s also crucial to make sure your new pet is healthy and happy. So how do you make these two parts of your life mesh successfully? Think about how you can create a healthy work/life balance so you and your furry friend can spend more time together.

Learn to delegate

It’s often difficult for business owners or entrepreneurs to hand off tasks to others, but this is an important part of making sure you have enough hours in the day to take care of all your responsibilities. These days there are several options available for those who need a little help, including virtual assistants who can take over clerical duties or remote customer support so you have a smaller to-do list. Take a look at a job board to find a few candidates for virtual assistant services, noting both fees and ratings from satisfied clients before you make a decision.

Set a routine

Once you’ve carved some time out of your schedule, think about a routine that will help you and your pet get to know each other. Quality time spent with an animal means lots of snuggling, playing, and exercising, so it’s important to make sure you both get used to a schedule that allows for all those things as well as your work responsibilities. You might start the day off with a walk, then work for a bit before a short break for playtime. Feeding your pet at the same time each day will also help him get accustomed to his new home easily and will give him reassurance that he’s in good hands.

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Give him his own space

No matter what his routine is, it’s important for your pet to have his own space within your home in order to help him feel safe. This might mean a crate, a comfy bed, or just a small blanket on the couch where he can nap while you work. If you have an office at home or will be bringing your pet with you to an outside location every day, set up a small area where he can rest or play while you’re busy. Look for stimulating toys that will prevent boredom during the day so you can get things done, and pet-proof your office for safety whether he’ll be there every day or just once in a while.

Stay on top of his schedule

Keeping up with your pet’s routine and care needs can be overwhelming when you’re also trying to keep track of your work responsibilities, and sometimes things slip through the cracks when your mind is overloaded. Make things like administering medicine, scheduling vet appointments, and staying on top of meal and walk times easy by downloading a helpful app or two. You can also look for tech that will help you keep an eye on your pet or even give him treats when you’re away from home. These are easy ways to interact with your animal on busy days when you can’t be together.

Owning a pet is beneficial in so many ways, but only when the time is right. Make sure you can handle the duties that will come with both pet ownership and running a business before adopting, and look for help from friends, family members, or local pet services when you need it.