Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK in 2022

A dog posing outside with an Over Glam jumper
Ferdi wearing our Houndstooth Jumper

Looking to welcome a new furry friend to your family, but not sure which breed would be best for you? We’ve collected for you UK’s most popular dog breeds to help you figure out which one will be the perfect addition to your warm and loving household!


French Bulldogs keep on getting more and more popular, and for many good reasons! If you live in the city, they will be the perfect breed for you as they’re small, have a lovable personality, and require moderate exercise. A little warning though, French Bulldogs can be quite costly to the health department, so make sure to get good pet insurance (we have an article for that).


It’s the third most popular dog breed in Britain, it’s probably due to to their cute little floppy ears! They’re known for being gentle, easy-going and affectionate dogs, so if you’re looking for a pet that’s gonna give you as much love as you’ll give them, Cocker Spaniels are for you! They are an active breed as well so they will enjoy spending time outdoors.

Dog wearing Over Glam Faux Fur Leather Jacket
Firja wearing the Faux Fur Leather Jacket


Famous for being incredibly small and adorable, the lovely sausage dogs will be a great pet for people living in flats or small houses. Smart, independent and very enthusiastic, Dachshund dogs are curious and active, so they’ll love to make new friends at the park!


It seems that their chunkiness never really goes out of style! Bulldogs are known to be muscular and might look tough on the outside, but don’t be fooled, they are actually a very cheerful, snuggly breed. They will however need a moderate dose of exercise as they can easily put on weight.

Dog wearing Over Glam Formal Wear
Cream wearing the Fake shirt from our Formal Wear Collection


While they’ve been a bit left out these past years for other breeds, Poodles never really go out of style, do you know why? They can be found in different sizes (Standard, Miniature and Toy), and are known to be smart, athletic and easy to train. A poodle would be the perfect companion for an outdoorsy person, whether they live in the city or the countryside.


Small breed but big personality. If you’re looking for an outgoing, playful companion to fill your days, then we would recommend Schnauzers. Not only are they adorable and obedient, but they also have the cutest little bearded face!


Kind, loyal, and amazing around children, no wonder why Whippets are so popular! It’s easy to groom and train a breed which loves the outdoors and has a lot of energy to spend. If you have kids and other pets, Whippets will be the perfect addition as they will easily socialise with others.


When you think of getting a dog, it’s probably the first one that comes to your mind! Golden Retrievers still comes first every year in the list of popular dog breeds, which is easily understandable when you know that they are affectionate, loyal, cheerful and easily trainable. Friendly and outdoorsy, they will be perfect if you have a garden or live outside the city!