How to Prepare for a Dog Photoshoot

Our pets never have a bad outfit day. We can’t help to stop what we do and take a snap of them wearing their brand new collar or sporting a newly-bought jacket and we all know that they will always pose for their favourite treat.

However, how can your dog be Instagram-ready and show its best poses or boast its favourite hoodie? 

We have the secret formula to that high-quality picture you want to take of your puppy. 

Iron Its Clothes to Make the Photo Pop

Wrinkles on a great piece are the worst nightmare of any fashionista. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the #ootd is well ironed and all the details are well shown. This will make the photo outstanding and will show that your dog’s new hoodie was made for it.

New Trim, Feeling Itself

Our pooch always looks good, no matter how its fluff makes it look. But there is no better feeling for our pup than being groomed and pampered during its trim. That is why we believe that the moment right after the trim is the time when our dog feels itself more than usual. Take advantage of that brief period to show its best poses, boast its new shirt and capture its best side.

All the focus on your puppy

Dogs are the best part of our family and we want to show them to the world without any distractions. So, the type of background is an important part of your picture. We found that the perfect pictures are the ones with clean or even solid backgrounds because all the eyes need to be on our dogs.

Dog with Over Glam collar

Sprinkle Some Accessories 

Spring, summer, or winter, your pooch’s style sense is seasonless and what better way to show it than adding some accessories to the mix? A scarf or hat for the coldest days, glasses for warmer times out on the porch reading, and sunnies for summer.

Dog with Over Glam collar

Lights, Camera...

Your dog deserves the greatest photoshoot and every fashion shoot is the lighting. Great lighting makes our pups’ fur glow in any jumper and with any harness. The best free lighting is sunny days. However, not everyone is blessed with 365 days of sun. Then, the second best way to capture your dog’s glow in its new jumper is using a lamp softened by a white clean cloth, to give a dreamy vibe to the next Instagram picture.

BONUS: Puppy eye look and head tilt

We see great photos and videos of pups all over the internet. The best bonus move to give an extra push to your furbaby is showing it while it boasts its perfect puppy eye look or capturing it exactly when it does its signature head tilt at the sound of its favourite squeaky ball.

Dog with Over Glam collar

Do you need any inspiration?

Head to our Instagram and browse through the many pictures with our Glam Fam. We are sure you will find the one who inspires your next snap!