How To Adopt A Dog In London

A dog wearing sunglasses and Over Glam jumper and Faux Fur Leather Jacket
Sora wearing our Faux Fur Leather Jacket, Turtle Neck Sweater and Leather Collar

Adopting a dog in 2022 is a lot of work. Adopting a dog in 2022 in London, is very complex process. But do not despair! We have gathered here all the information you need to know to make the process easier for you.


Now we all get the appeal of getting a dog from a breeder, we all fell in love with a specific breed as kids and imagined our adult selves walking our dog in the park. However, you can’t always trust or afford breeders, and even you could, wouldn’t it be more gratifying to adopt a dog from a shelter? Who knows, maybe one of them is your dream breed! London is full of so many extraordinary rescues, we’re certain your futur four legged best friend is waiting for you in one of them. Here’s a list of some amazing London rescues:


Now that you’ve had a look at the different rescues, it’s important to learn about the adoption process! Contrary to popular imagination, rescues will not let you simply walk in, pick a puppy, and leave. Here are the usual adopting steps:

Online search: Most rescues now work online to make the process easier. If you check the websites we’ve shared earlier, you’ll notice they all have a section presenting the pets they currently have under their care. From there you can have a look at the dogs and read their descriptions to see if their needs would be met in your household.

A dog on a couch wearing an Over Glam Pastel Ribbon Harness
Ferdi wearing our Ribbon Pastel Harness

Rehoming Application: If one of the doggies have caught your attention and you think you’d be a great match, you can file in the rescue’s rehoming application. They will ask you for specific information to make sure you fill their expectations, so answer it seriously! If you can’t find the form on their website, contact them by email with a little presentation about yourself, explaining your history with pets and such.

Contact & Visit: Once your application gets approved, the rescue will contact you schedule an appointment on location, so you can meet the dog and get acquainted with them. You’ll get to talk with the people working there and will learn more about the pet’s life and needs.

Home Visit: If the first contact at the rescue goes well, chances someone from the adoption team will come to your home to check it is fully dog proofed and equipped so you can welcome your dog properly. Listen carefully to what they have to say! Their advices are precious as they know your future dog and will help you make it the happiest pet in London!

Getting your pet home is the last step! Whether you’re asked to collect the dog from the rescue or if they bring them to your house, the best moments of your life have never been so close!


Before your head off to start your research, let’s make sure you’re ready. Adopting an animal is an immense responsibility, whether emotional or financial. Have you made the math of how much it costs to own a dog in London? Are you sure you’ll have the time to walk them at least twice a day? Having a pet is very much like having a child. It’s not something you can quit, even less when you think about how your rescue dog has been abandoned in the past.

If you think you can fully take care of a dog, then go start your research!