How much should you feed your dog?

A dog wearing an Over Glam Thin Coat with a plate of human food
Dolly wearing our Contrast Turtleneck Thin Coat

Finding a balanced diet for your dog can be a bit frustrating sometimes, not being sure if you’re giving too much or not enough, which foods or brands to avoid. This is why we’ve come up with this article to help you figure how much you should feed your dog.


The quantity of food you’re supposed to give your dog will depend on different factors, the common ones will be your dog’s: age, size, breed, lifestyle.


Starting with your dog’s age, it’s important to make sure to get the quantities right. If you have a puppy, it will be important to keep their diet similar to what they were eating before arriving to your home. Once they’ll fully be settled and a bit older (around 16 weeks old), if would be recommended to add chewy foods to their diets as they permanent teeth will start popping out.

When it comes to adult dogs, it is recommended to feed them twice a day maximum. To know when your dog is considered as an “adult dog”, it will depend on their size. Small and medium dogs will reach adulthood after a year, while larger breed will reach this stage around 1,5 or 2 year old.

It is very important to keep track of a senior dog’s diet. As your furry friend will get older, chances are they will probably contract health issues, which is why it will be crucial to make sure they follow a balanced diet. While an adult dog will need few big meals, senior dogs might require more meals but in smaller quantities. In any case, feel free to reach out to your vet!

A dog wearing an Over Glam Jumper with a plate of human food
Dolly wearing ourHoundstooth Jumper


Depending on you and your dog’s lifestyle, their diet might need to be adjusted. If you live in an apartment and don’t go out too often with your dogs besides the routine walks, make sure not to overfeed them as they could easily gain weight.

On the contrary, if you exercise a lot, or if your dog spends a lot of their time running around in your garden, then you might need to consider feeding them a bit more than the norm.

An easy way to keep track of their ideal body weight is by checking if you can feel their ribs by running firmly your fingers over their flancs. I you cannot feel their ribs, chances are your dog is being overfed. Please check with your vet to find the right diet for your furry friend!


Taking into account your dog’s breed can be crucial for their diet. A Italian Greyhound will not have the same diet as a French Bulldog for instance. Some breeds need more raw food than others, so it’s important to check what type of food your dog requires and in which quantities!


We said it multiple times in this article, but your dog’s diet is no joke. Please take the time to consult a dog health professional who will be capable of running check ups and and make sure to get them to their best shape!