Common Summer Issues for Dogs (And How to Solve Them)

A dog wearing an Over Glam Premium Leather Collar in a field
Leo wearing our Premium Leather Collar

Summer can be fun for dogs, but it can also be a burden if their owner doesn’t pay attention! As humans, we take some things for granted and don’t realise that they could impact our beloved pets, so we’ve decided to share with you common summer issues your dog might face and help you avoid them from hurting them.


It might seem like an obvious common issue, but do you really know the signs of overheating or dehydration in a dog? If your dog seems to be tired or lethargic, drools or salivates excessively, or even barks for no apparent reason, then they are probably overheated. You should also check for signs of dehydration by pinching their skin. If hydrated it should get back to its position rather quickly.

Make sure to carry water with you when you go out with your dog, or make sure they always have access to a water source. If you spot them napping in a sunny area, don’t hesitate to wake them and move them to the shade.


The smell of grilled meat in the air, the fresh cocktails and beers with friends… Everyone loves barbecues, including our dogs! But you shouldn’t underestimate the potential dangers of having a dog around when you’re grilling meat in your garden. Not only it could be dangerous if your dog got too close to the heat source, but it is also a food hazard. If you aren’t paying attention to their whereabouts, they might try to sneak some dangerous foods or items like cooked bones or corn, or even plastic wrapping and skewers.

The best way to avoid those is to make sure someone is always keeping an eye on your dog, and place the food in areas your dog can’t reach.

Two dogs wearing Over Glam Leather Jackets on a chair outside
Ralph wearing our Four Leg Thin Coat with Slogan


Their skin might be covered with hair but it doesn’t make it sun proof! Your dog’s nose, tongue, ears, and eyes are the most prone to catching a sunburn, which is quite painful for them and could put them at a bigger risk for skin cancer as they get older.

Try to avoid letting your dog in the sun for too long as mentioned earlier to prevent dehydration and sunburns. You can also buy special sunscreen made for dogs and apply it to the most sun-sensitive areas.


They’re so small you might not notice them at first sight, but whether it’s mosquitoes, bees, ticks, or wasps, they can all be very dangerous for your dog. Bees and wasps can be very dangerous as their sting can severely hurt your dog. They can trigger swelling or allergic reactions which could be fatal. The first thing to do is contact the vet!

Ticks are the trickiest ones, as they are so small they’re only noticeable when the damage is done, as they carry deadly diseases. It’s recommended to check daily your dog’s coat after a walk out to make sure none is clinging to them.


Have you ever had to walk barefooted on hot pavement? If your answer is no, lucky you, if your answer is yes, then imagine what it’s like for your dog to walk on burning hot pavement every time you go out together in the summer!

With that in mind, try to walk with your dog on surfaces you wouldn’t mind walking barefooted. And if the pavement is the only thing around, try to walk under the shade or carry your dog if they’re small enough.