Collar vs Harness: which one is best for your dog?

A dog posing with an OverGlam glitter collar

The question that pops into every dog owner’s mind at some point, should I get a harness or a collar for my pooch?

We all have our preferences, maybe the family dog always wore a collar or your friend loves her new harness, but at the end of the day it all comes down to one simple question: what’s best for your dog?

Why use a collar?

Collars have been the go-to solution for walking your dog for a long time, and I mean LONG. The dog collar was born in Mesoamerica, where the Maya, Aztecs, and Tarascans raised dogs for protection and as a spirit animal.

Collars are perfect for trained or passive dogs, that aren’t prone to pulling on leads. They can wear them the whole day with no discomfort, unlike harnesses, which can be uncomfortable or can cause pain by pulling the fur of dogs wearing them for a prolonged amount of time.

If your dog likes running behind squirrels and is eager to pull on their lead, then collars are probably not for them. Pulling on the lead with a collar can cause your dog respiratory problems and it’s shown to cause neck injury.

An Iggy dog with an OverGlam collar posing on a bed

Why use a Harness?

Harnesses are becoming more and more popular. They are ideal for puppies, which might get tangled or hurt themselves while pulling on a regular collar and dog lead and are perfect for the more active pooches.

Harnesses offer better control over your doggy, which is perfect for cities and crowded places, and they discourage pulling because they don’t provide an advantage from it.

Harnesses are also the right choice for breeds like Pugs and Frenchies that are prone to respiratory problems or tracheal collapse.

While there’s no reason to avoid a dog harness, some dogs dislike the feeling of it and will need some time to adjust. If you’re planning on using a harness with your dog, starting early is the best option.

Harnesses are also not a replacement for collars, because one of the main uses of a collar is to carry identification. Even if your pet is microchipped, he should always wear an ID tag with contact information. Remember, if your pet gets lost without a collar, he might be taken for a stray.