Best Human Foods To Share With Your Dog

A dog posing with an Over Glam Suit in front of a meal
Mocha wearing our Full Suit Set

Tired of resisting your dog’s puppy eyes when it’s time for you to eat dinner? Feeling like sharing a nicely homemade meal with your furry best friend? We’ve gathered a list of the best, healthiest human foods that dogs can eat safely, so you can finally dine together!


Rich in carbohydrates, iron, starch, as well as vitamin B3 and D, rice is perfect if you’re looking for a healthy food to feed your dog on a daily basis. It can help alleviate the symptoms of an upset stomach, is great for weight management and will leave your dog feeling full for a longer time than other foods. Rice cooking is pretty straight forward, you just need to boil it, so it’s not going to take you extra time either!

Dog wearing Over Glam Suit in front of a birthday cake
Ferdi wearing our Full Suit Set

Green Peas

Easy to find, gluten free, and tasty, green peas are a great addition to your dog’s food. They contain antioxidant which can help prevent the damage of retinas and lenses of your dogs eyes, which are more exposed to light than humans. They also contain a high amount of protein and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins. Including green peas in your dog’s meal will result in a better digestion, healthier bones, teeth and fur.


Just like green peas, carrots are greatly recommended for your dog. They are highly nutritious and contain numerous of vitamins and fibre. Boiled, they will be a great side to your dog’s meal; raw, they’re a perfect crunchy treat to give them to help fortify their teeth without causing any gum damage, as it will mechanically remove the plaque from their teeth. Like rice, they can also help an upset stomach.

Dog wearing Over Glam Suit in front of a birthday cake
Mocha wearing our Full Suit Set


As long as it’s sugar free or non sweetened, yogurt can have wonderful effects on your dog. It’s rich in calcium and probiotics, which will help strengthen your dog’s bones, fight off possible infections and any digestion issues. Freeze it in the summer to create tasty, refreshing treat for your four legged friend!

Peanut Butter

t’s a very well known one, but we thought we would include it in our list, so we can share all the benefits you dog can get from eating a bit of peanut butter from time to time. It contains vitamin E and B, which will boost your dog’s immune system as well as keep their skin and fur healthy.

Reminder: not all peanut butters are suitable for dogs! Only give them peanut butter with no sugar, no sodium, low in fat and no Xylitol.