Are you feeding your dog enough?

A dog with an open mouth wearing an OverGlam jumper

by Héloïse Ferrie

When it comes to feeding our four legged friend, it usually comes to two options: we’re afraid to feed them too much and measure everything they eat; or you cave in every time they give you the puppy eyes while you’re having lunch; or in most cases, a bit of both. It’s not always easy to know if our pets are getting enough food or too much, even more when you’re a new dog owner. So fear not, here’s a guide to help you give the right amount of nutrition for you furry friend.

Signs your dog is not eating enough

Chances that your are not feeding your dog enough are very slim, and signs will differ from one breed to another, but here are the most common signs for you to check on:

  • If your dog’s ribs, spine or bones are showing from a distance, this means they have little to no body fat or muscle mass.
  • Low energy level. If your dog doesn’t seem to be in the mood to play or go outside, and stays in his bed, this might a sign they need more food.
  • They might easily get ill more often as well, as their body isn’t getting the right amount of nutrients.
  • Their fur might be scruffier, less fluffy, and their skin might be dryer, causing dandruff.
A cat with an OverGlam jumper posing on a coffee table

Consequences of overfeeding your dog

Overfeeding your dog will lead to a shorter life due to a poorer health. Heart and breathing problems, as well as many other illnesses such as Intervertebral Disk Disease causing paralysis; inflammation, high cholesterol, as well as osteoarthritis.

How much should you feed your dog?

Now to know how much your dog should eat, you’ll need to take multiple factors into account: your dog’s age, breed, weight, as well as how much activity they’re getting on a daily basis. The best way to create your furry friend’s perfect diet is of course to consult a professional’s opinion, so ask your vet! They have all your pet’s data and will know how much they’ll need depending on their lifestyle.