Are Dog Clothes Bad for Dogs?

We love our dogs; they are an essential part of our family. We do anything to include our puppies in every moment of our lives, involve them in our celebrations, and share our fashion sense and style with them.

Many first-time dog owners coming to our pet boutique are concerned about their pet being uncomfortable in our dog jackets, hoodies and our dog sweatshirts.
Ever since we opened our store, we released new collections and dog clothing lines, from harnesses and pockets for poo bags to dog t-shirts. We have heard various concerns among our clientele. Here are the most common considerations we’ve encountered in more than two years of business.

Is dog clothing cruel?

Pets evolved to adapt to any weather conditions, but that does not mean that no pet should wear clothes.
For example, during Spring and Autumn, dogs like our super-slim Jess the whippet, wear our thin coats to stay dry while on their walk with their owners or sprinting in open fields.


When they get home, our puppies are already dry, and they don't need any jumper to stay warm. 
And when Winter arrives, less furry and smaller puppies like our Muse, Simba, need to be warm on their daily walks. Shirts and jumpers explicitly designed for dogs are perfect for their slim light body.

Do dogs feel uncomfortable in pet clothes?

A general rule is: if you see your pet doing all their usual activities both with and without clothes, then they are tolerant of their new outfits. We also advise any of our clients to measure their pet’s back length, neck width and chest width to find the right item and steer clear from human-like pants. Dog coats, jackets and any clothing item that covers all four legs are supposed to be open in the back.
Nonetheless, some dogs and pets enjoy wearing their sweaters and shirts. For example, Lulu looks confident in her hoodie and loves showing off her outfit.

Moreover, pet fashion brands like OverGlam design sweaters, t-shirts and coats based on the most suitable measurements, making it easy for pets to move and make clothes breathable. Any new collection is more comfortable and easier to put on any pet and take off.

Can dogs adapt to pet clothes?

All owners understand their puppies’ reactions as soon as they try their new clothes on. And many of them have asked us this question  After years working closely with different breeds of dogs, we learnt that some pups adapt to new environments and new items with much more ease than others.
Moreover, we found the perfect blend for your puppies to get accustomed to their new clothes. It’s a washable mixture of wool, cotton and acrylic. All the pet fashion brands consider it the best option for pet clothing.

Each of our four-legged companions will get used to their new items in different ways. We always suggest to introduce each pup to their new hoodie, sweater or raincoat one step at a time and armed with patience.


OverGlam started from our Muses’ amusement in wearing simple dog jackets and sweatshirts, and it evolved in a way to bond deeply with them through fashion. Later, it expanded to a big global family of owners and their furry companions sharing their love for fashion and warm, comfy clothes. And every time we see a pup smiling in our clothes, we are reminded of the reason why we love what we create.