All You Need To Know About: Whippets

A dog posing with an Over Glam Thin Coat on a bed
@worriedwhippet wearing our Grey Thin Coat

Considering getting a Whippet as a new companion? In this new blog series, the OverGlam team will cover all you need to know about different, popular dog breeds to help you choose the right one for you and your household.


The Whippet breed was created in the 18th century, originally to help hunters poach rabbits and small games, and it shows! Averaging around 20 inches, Whippets are not built like most dogs. Weighing between 20 and 40 pounds, and their long, lean legs, narrow body are all shaped for speed, they’re perfect if you’re looking for an average medium sized dog. Their fur is short and smooth, though thin which means they do not do well with the cold weather.


Whippets are easy going pets, they require very little to be in a good mood. They’re known to be racers for a reason, they love running full speed and will need someone with the same drive for physical activity. Whippets are also very affectionate, they will easily fit on your lap for a little petting session. Obedient, curious and quiet, they’re a very loyal breed and will make a perfect furry partner if you’re looking for a loving, active pet!

A dog posing with an Over Glam Hoodie on a bed
@worriedwhippet wearing our Hoodie With Stick Figure Print


An important thing to note about Whippets is that they weren’t made for the cold weather. At all. Their short fur and lack of body fat means that they will be prone to look for warm spots in the winter, and will need to wear a sweater or coat when going out to ensure they’re comfortable. Luckily for you, we have in stock the perfect coats for your Whippet! Be careful not to make the walks too long during winter.

Health wise, Whippets are generally healthy. The common conditions they’re known to possibly contract are: anaesthesia sensitivity (their body require a lower dosage than other like sized dogs); eye diseases (this needs to be checked with the breeder); and von Willebrand’s disease.

While obedient and easily housetrained, it is recommended to install a fence in your garden if you have one, as they have racing and hunting in their genes, which means they will be prone to run after rodents. They will happily live in a flat as they are more of an indoor breed, but you should still take them out for a run at least half an hour, a couple of times a day.


Whippets are sensitive dogs. They love their family and will be very loyal to their owners. They are gentle and never show signs of aggressiveness, so they will make the perfect friend to children, and will enjoy playing with them! They will also get along with other dogs, however, don’t forget that they were bred to hunt… They possibly won’t get along with cats, unless if trained as puppies to behave around them.