All You Need To Know About: Poodles

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You’re thinking of adopting a Poodle to join your family? In this blog series, the Over Glam team is covering all you need to know about different popular dog breeds to help you choose the perfect one for you and your family.


Poodles are one of the oldest dog breeds. Originating from 1800s Germany, and created to hunt water prays like ducks, they got their name from the German ‘pudel’, meaning puddle. However, their origins can also be traced back to France as their own distinct breed, though they were used for the same purpose of hunting waterfowl. As the time passed, Poodles were bred throughout all Europe resulting to many different variations, as well as sizes, usually standard, miniature or toy. One thing which doesn’t change however is their long muzzle and curly coat they’re so popular for!


Intelligent and quick learning, Poodles are known to be easy to train, and love to learn new tricks. With their loving, goofy personality, they will make all your outings a fun experience and will love to spend all their time with you. However, much like Cocker Spaniels, Poodles are very much attention seekers, and will possibly also develop bad habits when left alone, like barking or howling. Lively and active, they adapt well to apartment living, though will still require a certain amount of time outdoors.

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Do not get fooled by the Poodle’s fancy coat, they are not just pretty dogs! They are first foremost hunting dogs and will require daily training and exercise. An hour a day outdoor will be the minimum, so if you like running, bring them along with you! They ca also easily gain weight, so on top of that regular exercise, make sure to seek a vet’s advice on a balanced diet for your future dog.

Grooming is essential as their beautiful fur has a tendency to mat. While it’s important for you to take care of basic grooming as home on a regular basis, be prepared to go at least monthly to the groomer for professional care!


Poodles are usually known to be quite sociable, however it is often noted that the smaller Poodle breeds can be a bit aggressive to outsiders, so you might need to get them used early to socialisation. They will also need to get used to a grooming routine early on, to make sure they won’t be defensive to the groomer later. Very protective of their home and owner, they make great family pets, but they will tend to bark if strangers approach your house. Poodles are very intelligent dogs and will need to be treated as such with a lot of attention and interaction from all family members.