All You Need To Know About: French Bulldogs

A dog posing with an Over Glam Harness on a couch
Ferdi wearing our Ribbon Pastel Harness

Looking to make a French Bulldog the newest member of your family? In this blog series, the Over Glam team is covering all you need to know about different popular dog breeds to help you choose the perfect one for you and your family.


French Bulldogs, also called Frenchies, originated back in the 1800s, and their name indicates it, from France. Lace workers from England moved to France in hope to find work, and took with them their small bulldogs to serve them as farm companions and help them chase rodents. The bulldogs grew popular in the Northern French farming communities, for their small sizes and their great personality.


Frenchies are seen as an intelligent breed, and shouldn’t be too hard to train if you make their training a game session, using treats as a motivation. They are quite well tempered and alert, they will make good watchdogs even though they do not bark much. They are very much attention seekers and will often claim their share of it. Frenchies will be perfect for a single person of a small household as they will seek your attention or might compete for it with other family members.

A dog posing with an Over Glam Thin Coat on a chair
Ferdi wearing our Adjustable Thin Coat with Golden Button


French Bulldogs are not meant to be very active companions. If you’re looking for a training buddy, they might not be the right breed for you. They will like to go on walks but that’s about all the activity they’ll require, which makes them perfect companions to anyone living in the city, or in flat building as they won’t require a large garden. However be careful to not give them too much food since they’re not a very active breed, they will need to have a steady diet which can be provided by your local vet.

While their short coat are easy to keep clean, and doesn’t shed much, it still requires regular grooming,. It should be brushed once a week to help spread oils on their skin and keep the coat shiny. Don’t forget that what makes Frenchies so cute are their little wrinkles on their face, which should be regularly cleaned!


Frenchies are known to be quite social dogs and will befriend anyone and their pets. They're well tempered behaviour and joyful personality will entertain anyone they meet. They are as stubborn as they are lovable so they might need social training as puppies. They will make loving and lovable companions for small or large households.