All You Need To Know About: Cocker Spaniels

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Considering adding a Cocker Spaniel as a new member of your family? In this blog series, the Over Glam team is covering all you need to know about different popular dog breeds to help you choose the perfect one for you and your family.


Originally bred for hunting, Cocker Spaniels owe their name to the woodcocks, birds they were trained to flush and retrieve. While they are still good at hunting and sports, they are now bred mostly for domestic purposes, and are known to be good family dogs, thanks to their medium size and soft long hair, and cute floppy ears!


Cocker Spaniels are a popular breed for many reasons, but the main one is their lovely personality. If you’re looking for a playful, intelligent, affectionate companion, then they’ll be perfect for you! However they’re also known to be attention seekers and a bit dependant, so it will be important for you to set proper boundaries, and make sure to not leave them alone for too long. After searching, opinions are quite mixed when it comes to training and house breaking. Some Cocker Spaniels will be easily taught while others will not respond so easily to training. They might need a patient owner!

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Pets with long hair like Cocker Spaniels require more regular grooming than short haired dogs, as they shred a lot. Be sure to be ready to spend a couple of hours or your week home grooming your future dog to ensure their hair doesn’t get tangled and kept clean and shiny, and to take them to a professional groomer from time to time.

As all dog breeds descending from hunting origins, Cocker Spaniels require a fair amount of exercise. Even though they’ll adapt to any type of household, they will appreciate an hour per day of outdoor exercise.

Cocker Spaniels are prone to have ear infections, so it will be important for you to stay alert and check their ears regularly. They are also known to have skin allergies like dermatitis. Always consult your vet if you see any skin redness.


Cocker Spaniels are very social by nature, so they will get along with other dogs, and even with cats as they don’t have a very high prey drive. It’s better though if they are introduced at a young stage. They’re easy going, very affectionate, non aggressive and will the perfect companion to children.