5 Tips to Walk Your Dog This Summer

A dog posing with an Over Glam Harness in the street
Ovi wearing our Ribbon Pastel Harness

The sunny days are finally back, and we’ve missed them so much we just want to spend every cloudless minute outside! And we’re sure your dog would agree with us, so this is our 5 tips to walk your dog this summer, to keep them protected from the sun but not the fun.


Now as much as we love the sun, it can quickly become a burden if you don’t plan ahead of your walk out and end up walking at noon in a shade free street. It’s always safer to plan which hours will be gentler for your dog. We recommend an early walk in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun isn’t at its peek. Choose locations which are at least partly shaded like parks and forests.


Never forget to bring a water bottle with you! Your dog will easily get dehydrated with the heat and the usual exercise, so it’s important to be able to refresh them when you’re having a break. If it’s very hot, you can always add ice cubes to the water bottle to keep it cooler longer.


That’s worth for you and your dog! Though please DO NOT use your sunscreen on them. Specially formulated sunscreens exist for your dog, it’s even more essential if your dog has white or fair coloured fur as their skin is more sensible. You should apply it to the tip of their ears and nose. Check with your vet for any brand recommendation!

Two dogs posing with Over Glam Thin Coats in the city
Kaila & Nora wearing our Four Leg Thin Coat with Slogan and our Over Glam Ribbon Thin Coat


It might not seem essential in the summer, however grooming will improve your dog’s reaction to the heat. Getting rid of all the dead hair will unload lighten your dog’s fur and avoid overheating their body when they’re zooming around with their furry friends in the park!


Last but not least, don’t forget to take breaks. That applies for both of you! We often forget to take breaks and rest when we’re wondering around, but our bodies need it! Why not sit under a tree, with a good book and a drink for you, a treat and fresh water for your four legged companion?