5 Tips to Groom Your Dog At Home

A dog posing with an Over Glam Sleeveless Leather Jacket
Enzo wearing our Sleveless Leather Jacket

You’ve tried numbers and numbers of different pet groomers but your dog always comes out with their fur cut too short, or not short enough? If that’s your case, or if your dog isn’t simply comfortable having strangers groom them, this article will guide you with 5 tips to help you groom your dog at home.


It’s important prior to starting any type of grooming to check if your dog needs specific care depending on its breed. For instance, Maltese and Shih Tzu need special grooming around the eyes, as their hair can grow long in this area and obstruct their vision. Others like the Goldendoodle need special care around their nose.


You might be tempted to do with what you already have for your first try, using your regular shampoo, or the old trimmer you’ve abandoned for the brand new one you just bought for your hair. Big mistake! While it might be a bit costly to buy a pet grooming kit, it will be worth it! Your dog’s skin, fur, and needs when it comes to grooming are very different from human ones.

The basics you’ll need will be:

  • Dog Shampoo
  • Deshedding Brush
  • Dog Clippers
  • Dog Nail Clipper
  • Your Dog’s Favourite Treats!

It’s always good to check with your vet to see if they have any products they’d recommend, but if you start with our list, you should be fully equipped for your dog’s first home grooming.

Dog wearing Over Glam Faux Fur Leather Jacket
Mocha wearing the Faux Fur Leather Jacket


The first thing to do before you start grooming your dog is to make they’re feeling comfortable. You’ll first need to bathe your dog so make sure the water is warm, and make it as short as possible if they don’t like bath time.

For the grooming part, any room can do. However, we advise you to choose a place in the house with a clean and non-slippery surface to ease the process both for you and your dog. And of course, have some treats with you! It’s important to reward your dog each step of the way, the reward system will encourage them to behave during the session and will make it easier for you the next time you need to groom them.


When it comes to it, always remember to be gentle. See it as if you were going to the hairdresser. Would you like for them to give you a rough head massage when they’re ringing your hair with ice-cold or boiling water; or that they pull your hair when cutting it, or better, the burning heat of the hairdryer when it stays too long in the same spot? No.

So try to give your dog the same care you’d like to receive yourself, especially when it comes to nail trimming. Many dogs do not like having their nails clipped, yet it’s very important for them to be kept short as long nails could be painful for them. Start trimming gently, one nail at a time, check how is your dog and don’t forget to reward them!

Dog wearing Over Glam Four Leg Thin Coat
Lino wearing the Four Leg Thin Coat


Want to avoid having to do the entire grooming process too often? There are simple ways to expand the time between each grooming session.

Daily fur brushing and de-shedding is an easy way to reduce the amount of hair work you’d have to do on the next grooming time. By simply brushing your dog every day, when they’re eating or when you are chilling at night on your sofa, you’ll be preventing eventual knots to create and keep your dog’s fur healthy and shiny!

You can also apply this tip to their teeth and invest in a dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Toothpaste usually is flavoured and dogs love it, so it won’t be as difficult as you think to give them regular tooth treatment.