5 Tips For Training Your Puppy

The moment a new puppy enters your life is one of happiness. Adding a new member to the family is an exciting adventure, filled with cuteness and love, yes, but it can also be a very challenging time.

Like in any other relationship, there’s a period of adaptation, both for you and for your pooch, and the fact that you don’t speak the same language makes everything much more chaotic!

To help with this, we compiled a list of five quick tips to train your puppy.


  1. Repetition and consistency are key
  2. Teach your dog the command ‘Watch me’
  3. Puppies grow
  4. Make a socialite out of your dog
  5. Be patient!
Overglam dog with clothes

1) Repetition and consistency are key

Think of interacting with your dog as you would with a baby. They don’t understand why they shouldn’t be chewing that nice pair of shoes you just bought, but if you are consistent in telling them ‘No’ every time they will eventually understand.

2) Teach your dog the command ‘Watch me’

Training your dog to stop whatever they are doing and to look at you is a very useful tool. Perfect for when they are distracted or you can tell they are about to start running behind that wild squirrel.

3) Puppies grow

There're many things that we find adorable in our puppies. Sometimes, they do things we know we shouldn’t allow, but they are being funny or playful and so we let them do as they please. But always remember, your 1-month-old Golden Retriever jumping on you is the cutest thing ever, your 35kg 2-year-old Golden Retriever pinning you to the ground... not so much.

Overglam dog with clothes

4) Make a socialite out of your dog

Introduce your puppy to everything! Adults, children, strangers, people wearing jumpers, people with glasses or a beard, other dogs and cats, and whales if you have the chance. The more your puppy knows when growing up the better they are going to be around strangers in the future.

5) Be patient!

After the sixth time your puppy has turned your living room into a sea of garbage you may start thinking that they have a plot to drive you crazy! But be patient, some pooches just need to be told ‘No’ a couple of extra times.

Bonus tip: Always remember that rewarding positive behavior is better than punishing wrongful doing. And enjoy time with your puppy! They grow up so fast…