Our Glamour Family Members

The Eldest Brother


Breed: Poodle

Date of Birth: July17 2018

Steady, with an intermittently naughty streak.

Cream may always look put together, but he loves playing with his two younger brothers and sometimes is an instigator for the three of them to be naughty together. No matter how dressed up he is for an event, he always keeps a few buttons loose—he loves socializing with other dogs, but is a fierce protector of his family!

The Middle Child


Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Date of Birth: July19 2018

A gentle and eager foodie

As the middle boy of three, Mocha is the most docile and sensible of his brothers, but will always take care of Simba when Cream gets too rowdy. Mocha is a gentleman at heart, and loves dressing up in classic styles, like a turtle neck sweater or shirt vest with a butterfly tie—impressing everyone with his sophisticated palette. The only thing Mocha loves more than clothes is food, and his voracious appetite has rightly earned him the title of family “foodie”—he’ll learn any trick if there’s a treat waiting for him!

The Youngest Brother


Breed: Chihuahua

Date of Birth: August10 2018

A Naughty but Cute Tease

Simba may be the most mischievous of his brothers, but with his cute look and bright blue eyes, he never misses a chance to act the part of fashion superstar in front of the camera. Because of Simba’s petite size, he can pull off the most high fashion pieces, and is happy to show off his good looks even in the girls’ pieces—but his favorite is hiding in his daddy’s clothes--- and when he’s feeling extra naughty, leaving his mark on them!


Name: Truffle

Breed: French Bulldog

IG: @iamtrufflethefrenchie

Name: Noodle

Breed: Italian Greyhound

IG: @archienoodle

Name: Amelia

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

IG: @ameliathecav