Stay Home and Donate to the NHS

This is a crazy period, like none we have experienced in decades.
We started seeing the first signs even before the official quarantine started.
This new ordinary highlighted the real heroes of the everyday:
  • delivery riders, they help us stay home and get our favourite food during our self-isolation;
  • restaurant workers, making the food we love for us to be ready to be delivered and served;
  • grocery store clerks, at the backbone of this quarantine period, striving to keep shelves full during the scariest of times, the coronavirus time;
  • truck drivers, on the road even in this fearful period, delivering products we all need to get through this time.

But we want to give a special thanks to:
The NHS Staff and carers on every level. They have been working during this unprecedented pandemic with the small budget and the short supply of equipment they were given.
Our utmost respect and admiration go to all of them, working 24-hour shifts, in close contact with those affected by COVID-19, fueled by their passion for their job.
The OverGlam team wants to help you help them, with our #StayHome Campaign.

Stay Safe while Donating 

We have been thinking about a way for all our customers to enjoy the new season, the longer and warmer days, while still following the government guidelines.

So we decided to create an exclusive selection from our Spring collection for you to purchase with our free UK shipping. And, to make your money worth, we will donate 20% of the proceeds to the NHS to support their fight against COVID-19.

Our Favourite Pieces to #StayHome

Sweatshirt with Skateboard Print (Light Yellow, White)

The feeling of the wind on your face and freedom is the best part of Spring. Our sweatshirt will make every pooch feel the true spirit of spring, even while keeping warm indoors.

Love You All Sweatshirt


During this difficult time of self-isolation, quarantine and days (if not weeks) spent in our homes, we can't help but think about those working hard to keep our society going and those most vulnerable to the virus. Our sweatshirt is a way for your pet to show their love for all the humans who surround it. Purchase here.

Sweatshirt with 'O NO' Print

A pooch deserves to look fashionable while staying comfy, like its owner. This sweatshirt is stylish and perfect both for a quick walk in the neighbourhood and a day in helping humans get through the quarantine. Purchase here.

 Our Favourite Causes

We have looked for charities helping support the NHS and found much more. We found initiatives for different purposes: from one to provide hot meals, to one to provide protective equipment, but the initiative we love the most is:

NHS Charities COVID-19 Appeal

20% of the earnings from this 4-week campaign will be donated to help to fund well-being packs/gifts for staff and volunteers on departments (food deliveries, high energy/protein bars/drinks, snacks, refreshments, overnight stay kits.); and cover the cost of travel, parking, accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers.

Shop now and you will make a great impact on many people fighting COVID-19