Over Glam Launches Its New Waterproof Collection

We launched a new line of coats. After launching its signature collection in October 2018, Over Glam has expanded its range to a new line with five staple features: practical, fashionable, waterproof, easy to wash and comfortable for dogs to wear.

The founders and designers gathered valuable information and feedback from their customers and found an unmet need for a line that could keep dogs dry, while still looking glamorous. Ran Xie and Jerry Huang developed a line that would protect any dog from the wind and rain of the British weather and enhance the pet’s features.

The line comprising waterproof coats is designed with the latest trends and colours, perfect for walks and hikes in the British countryside, as well as the most fashionable streets around the world.

It includes:

Overglam Ribbon Thin Coat (Navy)

Perfect for bulldogs or frenchies, great for pets with white or creamy fur.

Overglam Ribbon Thin Coat (Green)

An evergreen, fabulous on any dog. Check out our product page and see how good it looks on a mini dachshund.

Overglam Ribbon Thin Coat (Light Silver)

For any stylish dog who wants to look fashionable in every situation.

Overglam Thin Coat (Green/White)

Long-haired dachshunds love this coat. Very classy and stylish.

Thin Coat (Brown)

Our chihuahua clients wear them during their trips in the forest and for quick coffee sprees.

Thin Coat (Brown)

Greyhounds and whippets look gorgeous in this. The darker the fur, the more it glows in this grey.

Thin Coat (Mint Green)

Schnauzers look ready for any weather in this minty coat.

Which one is your favourite? 

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